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Oil & Gas Inside Sales will help you increase your sales through appointment setting and cold calling. Getting started is a simple process.

We specialize in providing:

  • Industrial inside sales programs beginning with ten hours per week.
  • Customized B2B telemarketing programs developed to meet your needs for qualified contracts and new business.
  • Commercial oil and gas lead generation and appointment setting services.

OilAndGasInsideSales.com is proud to offer multiple marketing packages to suit a variety of needs.

Starter Package:

We specialize in working with small companies and have programs that start with 10 hours of marketing per week. Our four week pilot is designed for a company that is interested in testing telemarketing and determining the effectiveness for their unique offering.

Features are as follows:

  • Contact list will provided by Rich Enterprises at no additional cost if based upon type of business (SIC codes), number of employees, and geographical factors.
  • Development of scripting and training materials that will further define approach, program goals, objections, etc.
  • Minimum of ten hours each week of marketing and direct contact with your prospective clients to generate leads and/or establish sales appointments.
  • Program may include distribution of marketing collateral via e-mail or fax to provide additional information to interested prospects.
  • Daily report detailing each call made on behalf of your account.
  • Lead or appointment reports - contact report detailing contact information, recent conversations and history, and plan of action for client.
  • Consultation with program manager as needed to improve and refine program as needed.
  • Contact us today to establish your kick off date!

    "The single biggest challenge in my practice is consistently getting in front of new qualified leads. Rich Enterprises has significantly helped me open doors, and get in front of the right people.

    Campaign start-up: To get started with a new program with Oil and Gas Inside Sales you will need to complete a few steps to allow us to get started creating your customized marketing program which will build your sales pipeline:

    • Complete new client questionnaire. This questionnaire gives us detailed information about your services and products, key selling points, target market, your sales goals, etc. Our questionnaire allows us to determine the best approach for your marketing program. We utilize this information to complete the next step. Our bottom line is to make your oil marketing program a success and our questionnaire is the first step in that process.
    • Scripting and training package. Once you have completed the new client questionnaire and provided your current marketing collateral, our staff will formulate the approach. The program outline is the foundation for your program. It will include information regarding the target market, program goals, qualifying questions, e-mail text, voicemail scripts, appointment confirmation scripts, and objections that may be encountered as well as rebuttals that may be used during calls.
    • Scripting feedback. We ask that each new client review the scripting package to determine if the proposed approach will fit their needs. The program outline is customized for your O&G business and scripting feedback allows for new clients for Oil & Gas Inside Sales to modify the approach and industry lingo before the program gets started. The program outline for your account is a work in progress and something that can be modified throughout the program.
    • Database preparation and contact list. We will schedule time with you to determine the first calling list. Contact lists can be based upon geographical factors (city, county, metro, state or zip code), SIC codes (type of business), and number of employees. You can certainly provide the contact list to us or we will use our sources to provide a contact list.
    • Contract. The contract between your business and Rich Enterprises will need to be signed and faxed, mailed or scanned and emailed to our office.
    • The contract between your business and Rich Enterprises will need to be signed and faxed, mailed or scanned and emailed to our office.
    • Ongoing reports and feedback. You will receive reports for each day that we work your account. We request that you review the daily reports (all calls report and contact appointment reports) often and provide feedback (positive or negative) so that we can continue to adapt our services to be better fit your needs.

    Could your business benefit from 200 to 1000 prospecting and cold calls each week?

    Would you like to better penetrate your market and find new business?

    Does your sales team have time to research prospects, make cold calls, and find new oil and gas business opportunities?

    Now that you know how to get started, contact us for more information.

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