Oil and Gas Inside Sales Services


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Oil and Gas Inside Sales Services

Oil and Gas Inside Sales works with a wide variety of oil and gas companies to help them reach out to new commercial and industrial prospects to increase their sales and revenues. Rich Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1999 on the premise that businesses must not only maintain, but must always seek new revenues and opportunities in order to succeed. We want to be an extension of your inside sales team.

Your oil and gas sales program will typically include the following:

  • Contact with companies and entities to determine their needs for your products and services (cold calling).
  • Determine if they have upcoming opportunities within the next 3 months or the term specified for future business prospects. For opportunities that are outside that time frame, we will schedule follow up calls and initiate contacts as appropriate.
  • Determine if those opportunities fall within your parameters.
  • Register your company for bidding lists and submit forms via fax, e-mail or mail as required.
  • Follow up as deemed appropriate to determine if there are additional opportunities.
  • Report opportunities to you.
  • Distribute marketing collateral (via email or fax) to interested prospects.
  • Develop all scripting and training materials to ensure presentation is effective.
  • Continually monitor your program to ensure that it accomplishes the desired results.

Our programs can be:

  • Lead generation – Our lead program will allow you to build a sales database of qualified prospects.Go with the proven lead Oil and Gas Inside Sales to promote your Sales Team and fill the Pipeline with Appointments
  • Appointment setting - Our marketing team can set in person, phone or web based appointments for your criteria.
  • Market research – Deciding to enter into a new market can be a tough venture without market research. We can provide a campaign based on survey work to better prepare your company for new service or product roll-out.
  • Direct mail campaign – Another popular way to market is to send information, cards or brochures and have Rich Enterprises, Inc. make follow-up sales calls with the goal of setting new sales appointments for you and your team.
  • Tradeshow – Tradeshows are a great tool for industry exposure. Rich Enterprises, Inc. can provide marketing services to follow-up on those qualified leads.


Our marketing services are an extension of your existing sales team. We want to help you grow your business by providing qualified sales contracts, new sales appointments, qualified leads, and new business opportunities.

Our business is growing your business!